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DJ Kenya

It's not hard to see why Kenya is heralded as one of the most versatile and entertaining djs out of Vancouver. Outside of holding down several weekly Vancouver residencies, he's toured relentlessly from 2008 till present, headlining parties from Marquee (Las Vegas), Bristol (UK) and everywhere in between.

As a party rocker, Kenya has an uncanny ability to pack dance floors, earning him a steadily growing fan base of avid supporters.

Kenya was a key member of the Tito Deville Band, whose three year highlights included an MTV reality show (Youth Electric), MTV nomination for best new video (Knight Rider), top 3 Fox Seeds finalists and a legendary live show enjoyed by thousands.

Add to the mix world renowned mix cd collabos, these achievements and his relentless devotion to music and self improvement becomes a tasty cocktail that excites all enthusiasts, and pleases all supporters who have enjoyed and ‘big-up’ Kenya’s skills, talent, and humble demeanor from day one.